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TAC assists housing and human services organizations with needs assessment and strategic planning to align policies and resources with best practices and funding priorities.

Types of assistance TAC offers include:

  • Conducting environmental scans to assess housing and/or community support services inventory, practices, and needs.
  • Engaging and facilitating input from key stakeholders and partners to ensure accountability and transparency in the strategic plan development process.
  • Developing strategic recommendations and action steps to systemically increase the availability of best practice housing and service models, leverage resources in a more effective manner, and ensure that the most vulnerable people gain access to these resources.
  • Drafting strategic action plans to expand affordable and permanent supportive housing, implement evidence-based and best practice services and systems of care, prevent and end homelessness, and more effectively use affordable housing and service system resources.
  • Providing technical assistance, guidance, and expertise to support implementation of strategic plan recommendations.