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Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs

Beginning in 2012, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), working with the Housing and Health Services Coordination Council (HHSCC/Council), engaged TAC to conduct a comprehensive study of nationwide best practices in service-enriched housing financing and development, and to propose recommended actions for successfully increasing service-enriched housing in Texas for people with disabilities. In late 2012, TAC submitted a  draft report, State Best Practices in Service-Enriched Housing, which provides case studies of service-enriched housing financing and development in six states.  

Themes that emerge from the best practices report will be evaluated in Texas' context and used to formulate strategic recommendations for the state to consider as it strives to increase service-enriched housing. These recommendations will be presented to the state in a companion report, A Comprehensive Analysis of Service-Enriched Housing Financing Practices, to be completed in the Spring of 2013, and used to formulate training materials to assist the state in financing and developing more service-enriched housing for people with disabilities.