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New Mexico Human Services Department

For nearly a decade, TAC has worked with the State of New Mexico's Human Services Department on initiatives to improve the behavioral health system and expand the availability of permanent supportive housing. TAC helped to conduct a multi-systems and multi-dimensional quantitative and qualitative analysis of public behavioral health needs, service capacities, and gaps, and to implement strategies for systems improvements. This resulted in major improvements to the state's behavioral health system, including the introduction of a behavioral health purchasing collaborative in which public payers collaborate on specifying and purchasing best-practice behavioral health services for defined priority service populations.

TAC also assisted with New Mexico's mental health Transformation State Incentive Grant by developing cross-agency behavioral health initiatives that included new recovery services for adults with mental illness and substance use disorders, and core service agencies for children and their families with mental health and addiction needs. More recently, TAC helped the Collaborative to identify priority areas and opportunities to maximize financing opportunities for services, including an assessment of the use of health homes to promote integration of physical and behavioral health.