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Delaware Division of Prevention & Behavioral Health Services

TAC conducted a comprehensive review of the Delaware Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services (DPBHS) mental health and substance use service system for children and youth. TAC analyzed quantitative and qualitative data and conducted focus groups and key informant interviews with stakeholders. The result was detailed report documenting the strengths and challenges of the current system and recommending concrete action steps for system improvement.

More recently, DPBHS has retained TAC to conduct a comprehensive review of its care management system for youth with behavioral health challenges. The DPBHS care management (commonly referred to as clinical services management) program is part of its nationally accredited public managed care organization which serves youth with Medicaid and uninsured or underinsured youth up to age 18, who are in need of intensive mental health or substance use treatment services. The purpose of the review is to evaluate the clinical services management program's staffing structure and composition, interface with other managed care units, and approach to managing care. The results of this evaluation will inform the development of several recommendations for consideration by DPBHS.