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Medicaid provides access to primary care, mental health and substance use disorder treatment, and long-term care services for people with disabilities, youth in foster care, and people experiencing homelessness. Medicaid also plays a critical role in financing the services and supports that many individuals need in order to access and maintain permanent supportive housing.

TAC is fluent in federal Medicaid rules and regulations, and skilled at leveraging Medicaid to promote access to services that help people with disabilities to live at home and in the community.

TAC's customized technical assistance includes:

  • Helping states to plan for and develop Medicaid waivers and state plan amendments, and supporting states in their negotiations with the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Designing effective and prudent purchasing and performance contracting systems for payers/purchasers to incentivize quality, cost-efficiency, and best practices among service providers.
  • Providing expert consultation and decision support on benefit design, value-based purchasing, behavioral health and long-term care policy development, and implementation of innovative service delivery and financing models. 
  • Using 1915(i) Home and Community-Based State Plan services to support people with serious mental illnesses to live in the community.
  • Designing and implementing care management approaches such as health homes to improve health integration and outcomes for people with chronic disabilities.
  • Providing expert guidance and consultation to states involved in EPSDT lawsuits.
  • Planning and developing procurement processes and requests for proposals to select managed care or administrative service organizations.
  • Assisting with Medicaid plan/waiver implementation through training of leadership and staff, outcome and performance measurement, and quality improvement efforts.
  • Improving care integration and outcomes.