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Through partnerships with leading Massachusetts agencies, TAC plays a key role in maintaining and improving behavioral health services delivered to children and youth. On behalf of the state’s Medicaid agency and Executive Office of Health and Human Services, TAC provides trainings and consultation, creates products, and assists in developing workforce initiatives. TAC developed and manages a network of Massachusetts-based coaches who help community mental health agencies maintain fidelity to an intensive, individualized care management process for youth with serious or complex needs. Other recent initiatives include provider training on the Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) trauma intervention framework; training and consultation for a learning community focused on reflective supervision for in-home therapy; and strategic planning and implementation to diversify the children’s behavioral health workforce.

TAC also manages the Massachusetts Practice Review, a comprehensive case review process to determine the extent to which services are: family-driven and youth-guided; community-based; and culturally competent. We synthesize the resulting data to inform provider-level reports, statewide summaries, and best practice tools for improving the quality of service delivery.