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Turning Knowledge Into Practice: A Manual for Behavioral Health Administrators & Practitioners About Understanding & Implementing Evidence-Based Practices, 2nd Edition Manuals & Guides
Leveraging Medicaid: A Guide to Using Medicaid Financing in Supportive Housing Manuals & Guides
Section 8 Made Simple Manuals & Guides
A Community-Based Comprehensive Psychiatric Crisis Response Service Manuals & Guides
Care Management, Case Management, & Utilization Review in a Managed Care Environment Manuals & Guides
Replicable Best Practices for Accessing Mainstream Resources: A Guide for Continuums of Care Manuals & Guides
Regional Housing Forum: A Technical Assistance Guide for Housing Resources & Strategy Manuals & Guides
Strategies to Help People with Disabilities Be Successful in the Housing Choice Voucher Program Manuals & Guides
Seizing the Moment Manuals & Guides
Emerging Best Practices in Mental Health Recovery Manuals & Guides
Piecing it All Together: Playing the Housing Game Manuals & Guides
Using Medicaid to Pay for Services in Permanent Supportive Housing: Steps for CoC Leads to Get Started Manuals & Guides