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TAC Staffing Updates

Monday, June 10, 2013

TAC is happy to announce the following recent staffing changes and additions:

TAC recently welcomed on staff Stacy Fox, MCP, as the new Technical Assistance and Training Coordinator working on TAC's HUD McKinney-Vento and OneCPD technical assistance initiatives. Stacy comes to TAC from Boston University with a Master of City Planning, as well as several years of direct experience administering key programs at the university.  In her studies, she focused on housing and community development, with a particular interest in affordable rental housing.  Stacy was brought on board after her predecessor, Amy Horton, was promoted to Human Services Program Assistant at TAC. In this capacity, Amy is now working closely with TAC Human Services Staff and the Executive Director to ensure successful implementation and completion of specific human services technical assistance, policy and consulting projects.

TAC is proud to also welcome Suzanne Piening, LICSW, PhD, as a Senior Evaluator who will work across several TAC projects with evaluation and quality improvement components. Suzanne is also an adjunct faculty member at Boston College's Graduate School of Social Work here she teaches on various topics including evidence-based practice and program evaluation. Suzanne has many years of experience as a clinician and as a program evaluator in the fields of adult mental health, homelessness, child welfare, and children's behavioral health.

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