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SAMHSA Announces State Adolescent Treatment Enhancement & Dissemination Grants

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SAMHSA is accepting applications for Cooperative Agreements for State Adolescent Treatment Enhancement and Dissemination. The grants will total up to $30 million over the course of a three year period.  SAMHSA expects that up to $10 million will be available annually to fund up to 10 grants, at up to $1 million per grant.

The purpose of this program is to provide funding to states, territories, and tribes to improve treatment for adolescents through the development of "learning laboratories" with collaborating local community-based treatment providers.  Through the shared experiences among these providers, an evidenced -based practice will be developed and implemented to enhance services to youth and families in these communities.

SAMHSA will require Adolescent Treatment Enhancement and Dissemination grantees to use the funds to develop and improve state, territory, or tribe capacity to increase access to and quality of treatment for adolescents with substance use or co-occurring substance use and mental disorders and their families.  Additionally, grantees will enhance and improve the quality of treatment and recovery services provided to adolescents for the treatment of substance use or co-occurring substance use and mental disorders, and their families.  Grantees will be expected to identify and decrease differences in access, service use, and outcomes of services among the adolescent populations vulnerable to health disparities.

Applications are due by July 11, 2012 .  Visit SAMHSA's website for more information.