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HUD Seeks Recommendations for Expansion of Moving To Work Demonstration Program

Friday, April 08, 2016

The recently passed Congressional Appropriations Act authorizes the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to expand the Moving to Work (MTW) demonstration program over a period of seven years. MTW was designed to provide public housing agencies (PHAs) the opportunity to design and test innovative, locally-designed strategies that use federal dollars more efficiently, help residents find employment and become self-sufficient, and increase housing choices for low-income families. The program gives PHAs exemptions from many existing public housing and voucher rules and more flexibility with how they use their Federal funds.                                                                                               

In order to learn which specific policies lead to the greatest success in the MTW program, HUD will add 100 new PHAs in cohorts, with each group directed to implement a different specific policy change. During an open comment period, HUD now seeks specific policy proposal recommendations, and recommendations for appropriate research and evaluation methods to assess the success of the different policies. The comment period is open through May 4, 2016.

LEARN MORE about HUD’s Request for Specific Policy Proposals and Methods of Research and Evaluation for MTW Demonstration Expansion, including background information on the MTW program.