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HUD Announces FY10 & 11 Section 811 Awards

Friday, December 02, 2011

On November 16th, The US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the Fiscal Year 2010 and Fiscal Year 2011 Section 811 funding awards. These Section 811 awards will create almost 1,000 housing units for people with disabilities. These awards were made under the previous Section 811 statute; the Melville Act reforms do NOT apply to these projects.

TAC understands that HUD anticipates issuing a new NOFA using recently appropriated FY12 Section 811 funds possibly as soon as the end of this year. This NOFA is subject to the Melville Act Reforms. Further, the FY12 appropriations language requires any new Section 811 units to be created through the new Project Rental Assistance (PRA) option and does not allow any funding for new Section 811 Capital Advances. TAC estimates that as many as 2,500 new Section 811 PRA units could be created under this option.