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New HUD-VASH Vouchers Announced 6/6/2016
VA Announces $300M in Renewal Grants to Help End Veteran Homelessness 1/22/2016
Resources and Guidance for Ending Veteran Homelessness in Communities 1/16/2016
HUD Releases Toolkits on Strategies to End Veteran Homelessness 10/20/2015
Criteria & Benchmarks for Ending Veteran Homelessness 10/5/2015
TAC Staff to Facilitate Expert Roundtables at 2015 NCHV Veterans Access to Housing Summit 10/2/2015
VA Awards Local Grants to Prevent & End Homelessness 9/15/2015
TAC Summary of HUD-VASH PBV Set-Aside Funding 7/24/2015
VA Releases SSVF FY 2014 Annual Report 7/21/2015
HUD & VA Announce $65 Million in Rental Assistance Through HUD-VASH Program 4/27/2015
VA Announces New SSVF Grants to Help End Veteran Homelessness 4/1/2015
VA Releases SSVF Renewal NOFA 2/3/2015
VA Reaches Agreement to Help End Homelessness Among Veterans in LA 1/29/2015
VA Announces Single Regional Framework under MyVA Initiative 1/26/2015
Additional HUD-VASH Vouchers Announced 12/8/2014
Jim Yates to Present at NCHV’s Veterans Access to Housing Summit 11/4/2014
SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) Connecting Veterans Issues Brief 10/13/2014
VA Announces Availability of Funds for SSVF Grants 10/10/2014
VA Awards $207 Million in Supportive Services for Veteran Families Grants 9/30/2014
VA Announces $300 Million in SSVF Grant Awards 8/13/2014
New HUD-VASH Vouchers Announced 8/11/2014
DOL Awards $36M in Job-Training Grants to Help Homeless Veterans 7/3/2014
VA Releases FY 2013 SSVF Report 6/20/2014
VA Proposes Rule to Prioritize Assistance for Low Income Veteran Families 5/13/2014
National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans Releases Research Brief Demonstrating Strong Outcomes for VA’s SSVF Program 5/9/2014
Project Based Voucher Set-Aside for HUD-VASH Published: Read TAC's Summary 3/7/2014
TAC Welcomes New Staff to its Housing Group & Veterans Practice 1/27/2014
VA Sponsors Free SSVF NOFA Workshops 1/27/2014
New HUD & VA Resource Page on OneCPD 1/22/2014
VA Offers $600 Million in Funding to Support Services for Homeless Veteran Families 1/14/2014
TAC Seeks Associate/VA Program Monitor 11/21/2013
NLIHC Releases Report on Housing Stability among Veterans 11/20/2013
VA Launches SSVF University 11/18/2013
HUD Releases VHPD Interim Report 10/25/2013
New Study Highlights SSVF Successes 9/5/2013
Second Round of 2013 HUD-VASH Awards Announced 8/22/2013
DOL-VETS Announces $29 Million in Grants 6/28/2013
2013 HUD-VASH Awards Announced 5/29/2013
DOL-VETS Announces Availability of HVRP Funds to Serve Homeless Veterans 4/3/2013
SAMHSA to Host Webinar on Homelessness Among Veterans of Recent Conflicts 4/2/2013
Massachusetts Releases Statewide Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness Among Veterans 3/13/2013
HUD Posts New HUD-VASH Resources, Update on FY 13 Allocation 2/27/2013
VA Publishes Final Rule Amending Grant & Per Diem Program Regulations 2/25/2013
TAC Assists VA in Hosting SSVF Grantee Regional Meetings 1/24/2013
Call for Abstracts for International Homelessness Research Conference 1/3/2013
USICH Releases Report to Congress on Homeless Veterans 1/3/2013
HUD Releases 2012 Point-in-Time Estimates of Homelessness 12/10/2012
NAEH to Host Webinar for SSVF Applicants 11/28/2012
VA Announces Availability of SSVF Funds 10/26/2012
VA Awards $28.4 Million in Homeless GPD Program Funding 9/19/2012
President Obama Issues Executive Order to Improve Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans 9/1/2012
VA Announces 2012 Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Grant Awards 7/17/2012
VA SSVF Funding Announcement 12/6/2011
VA Announces Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program Awards 7/26/2011
HUD & VA Announce First Round of FY11 VASH Allocations 7/14/2011