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Can States Take On the Fiscal Responsibility that Federal Policymakers Are About to Hand Them? 2/7/2017
Core Principles for Housing and Health Care Policy: A Statement from the Technical Assistance Collaborative 1/10/2017
Eight States Selected for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Demonstration Program 12/27/2016
John O'Brien Returns to the Technical Assistance Collaborative 7/13/2016
CMS Releases Final Medicaid Managed Care Rule 5/11/2016
New report shows Medicaid expansion can improve behavioral health care access 3/29/2016
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Accepting Applications for the Accountable Health Communities Model 1/25/2016
TA Available to Strengthen State Medicaid-Housing Agency Partnerships 11/5/2015
Webinar on Implementation of the Medicaid HCBS Settings Rule 10/20/2015
Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program (IAP) Information Session for State Medicaid Agencies 10/14/2015
CMS Publishes Chart to Track HCBS Rule Transition Plans 9/2/2015
CMS Issues State Medicaid Director Letter on New Service Delivery Opportunities for Individuals with SUD 8/4/2015
CMS Releases Informational Bulletin on Medicaid Financing for Housing-Related Services 6/30/2015
SAMHSA Webinar on Mental Health & the New Medicaid HCBS Settings Rule 6/15/2015
CMS Releases Medicaid & CHIP Managed Care Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 5/27/2015
CMS Releases Proposed Mental Health Parity Rule for Medicaid & CHIP 4/7/2015
New NCD Report on Aligning HCBS with the ADA & Olmstead 3/2/2015
HUD Webinar on Strategies to Increase Health Insurance Enrollment for People Who Are Homeless 2/17/2015
SAMHSA Announces CABHI-States Grants 2/9/2015
CMS/SAMHSA Release Informational Bulletin on Youth with Substance Use Disorders 2/3/2015
HUD Awards $1.8 Billion for Local Homeless Programs 1/26/2015
Kaiser/NHCHC Release Brief on Early Impacts of the Medicaid Expansion for the Homeless Population 12/1/2014
HHS Releases Reports on Quality of Care for Children & Adults in Medicaid & CHIP 11/28/2014
TAC Hosting Workshops for IHT Providers 11/24/2014
Kaiser Family Foundation Releases Annual Medicaid Budget Survey 10/17/2014
Check out TAC at the NCSHA 2014 Annual Conference! 10/16/2014
HHS Releases New Resources on Using Medicaid to Cover Services for People in Permanent Supportive Housing 10/13/2014
Building the Foundation for a Peer Support Workforce 9/30/2014
CMS Releases Guidance on HCBS Transition Planning 9/11/2014
CMS Issues Fact Sheet on SBIRT Services 8/29/2014
CMS Issues Guidance on Employment Services Under Medicaid 8/26/2014
CMS Launches Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program (IAP) 7/18/2014
New Brief Examines Olmstead, Medicaid Role in Community Integration 6/24/2014
HUD, HHS Share Data to Explore Housing & Health Relationship 6/16/2014
Funding for Navigator Grants in Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Marketplaces Announced 6/11/2014
Kevin Martone to Present at ABA Forum on Affordable Housing & Community Development 5/22/2014
Funding Opportunity for LTSS “No Wrong Door” Planning Grants 5/20/2014
CMS Announces Awards to States for LTSS Improvements 4/22/2014
CMS Releases FAQ on HCBS Final Rule 4/8/2014
CMS Releases HCB Settings Toolkit 3/24/2014
Updated 1915(c) Quality Assurance Expectations Released 3/13/2014
CMS Issues Guidance on LTSS Eligibility Using MAGI 2/24/2014
KFF Releases New Tool: How Will the Uninsured Fare Under the ACA? 2/11/2014
TAC Assists CSH to Develop Medicaid Institute for Supportive Housing Providers in Connecticut 2/10/2014
CMS Displays BHP Proposed Payment Notice 1/30/2014
CMS Releases Informational Bulletin on Presumptive Eligibility 1/30/2014
CMS Releases Bulletin on Use of Emergency Departments 1/22/2014
ASPE Releases Reports on Residential Care Facilities 1/22/2014
CMS Issues Final Rule on Home and Community-Based Services 1/10/2014
Webinar to Address Olmstead & Opportunities within ACA 1/8/2014
CMS Releases Medicaid Reports for LTSS and HCBS 12/18/2013
National Study of Long Term Care Providers Overview Released by NCHS and CDC 12/17/2013
CMS Releases 2014 Medicaid Income and Resource Standards 12/11/2013
Report Addresses Assessment of Family Caregiver Needs in HCBS Waiver Programs 12/11/2013
TAC Seeks Consultant with Behavioral Health & Medicaid Expertise 11/21/2013
Final Rule to Implement Issued on MHPAEA 11/11/2013
CMS Releases New Technical Assistance Tool for MLTSS 10/30/2013
CHCS Releases Strategies to Reduce Costs for Super-Utilizers 10/29/2013
HUD Launches ACA Resource Library Page 10/22/2013
DOL Issues Final Rule on Companionship Exemption 10/9/2013
CMS Releases Proposed Rule for the Establishment of the Basic Health Program 10/2/2013
CMS Releases Starter Kit for NWD/SEP Systems Workforce Development 9/24/2013
CMS Releases Medicaid DSH Allotment Final Rule 9/16/2013
CIHS Releases Report on Establishing Medical Health Homes for People with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Needs 8/21/2013
HHS Awards $67 Million to Navigator Programs 8/16/2013
SAMHSA Releases New Medicaid Handbook 8/12/2013
CMCS Releases Bulletin on “Super-Utilizers” 7/29/2013
CMS Releases Final Rule on Navigators in Health Insurance Marketplaces 7/15/2013
CMS Releases Final Rule on Medicaid Eligibility 7/8/2013
HHS Launches Website 6/25/2013
CMS Publishes Guidance for States Interested in Alternative Applications for Medicaid 6/21/2013
TAC Develops Briefs for HUD-HHS/CMS Housing Capacity Building Initiative 6/20/2013
CMS Issues Guidance on new MLTSS Essential Elements 5/23/2013
CMS Issues Guidance to States on Facilitating Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment and Renewal 5/20/2013
CMS Releases Proposed Rule for Medicaid DSH Payment Reductions 5/15/2013
CMS & SAMHSA Issue Guidance on System Design for Youth with Behavioral Health Conditions 5/9/2013
CMS & HRSA to Coordinate HIV/AIDS Services 5/3/2013
CMS Releases Health Insurance Applications 5/3/2013
Webinar on Developing Effective State-Local Partnerships to Promote Community Integration 5/1/2013
CMS Releases Proposed Rule on Exchange Navigators 4/5/2013
TAC Seeks Consultant with Medicaid Expertise 4/3/2013
HHS Publishes Final Rule for 100% Funding of New Medicaid Beneficiaries 4/1/2013
CMS Releases Info Brief on EPSDT 3/29/2013
CMS Publishes Final Rule on Essential Health Benefits & MAGI-Eligibility 2/25/2013
CMS Innovation Center Announces Awards for State Health Care Innovation 2/25/2013
CMS Releases Guidance to States Regarding the ACA 2/11/2013
NASMHPD Releases Report on Medicaid Expansion under the ACA 1/31/2013
CMS Seeks Comment on Health Insurance Application 1/30/2013
CMS Announces 2013 Children’s Core Set of Health Care Quality Measures 1/29/2013
CMS Seeks Public Comments on Business Indicators for Medicaid & CHIP Programs 1/29/2013
CMS Issues Guidance on Parity and Medicaid 1/17/2013
CMS Releases Guidance on Health Homes 1/15/2013
CMS Announces Part 2 Rule for Medicaid Expansion 1/14/2013
CMS Announces Funding Opportunity – Connecting Kids to Coverage 1/8/2013
CMS Releases FAQ on Exchanges, Market Reforms, and Medicaid Expansion 12/11/2012
CMS Releases Guidance on Coverage of Behavioral Health Services 12/10/2012
Successful MFP Transition Highlighted in Illinois 12/7/2012
CMS Releases Guidance on Medicaid Benchmark Options 11/21/2012
CMS Releases Annual Managed Care Report 11/12/2012
TAC Releases Issue Brief on Supreme Court's Medicaid Expansion Ruling 7/16/2012
Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate of the ACA 6/28/2012
CMS issues info bulletin on 811 & Other Housing resources to support Olmstead implementation 6/25/2012
National Health Care for the Homeless Council Policy Brief Highlights TAC’s Work in Louisiana 6/19/2012
CMS Innovation Center Announces Health Care Innovation Awards 5/9/2012
CMS Releases Rules Related to Home & Community-Based Services 5/1/2012
CMS Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation Announces Grants 11/17/2011
IOM Releases Report on Essential Health Benefits (EHB) Package 10/6/2011
CMS State Medicaid Director Letter on the State Balancing Incentives Program 9/20/2011
CMS Accepting Applications for new Medicaid Emergency Psychiatric Demonstration 9/2/2011
CMS Releases State Medicaid Director letter on HCBS Programs 8/30/2011
CMS Releases New Funding for Housing Partnerships 7/15/2011
CMS Releases State Medicaid Directors Letter on Dual Eligibles Demo 7/8/2011
TAC Releases Issue Brief on Connecting with Medicaid for Homeless Providers 6/14/2011