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Affordable Housing

Title Date
Can States Take On the Fiscal Responsibility that Federal Policymakers Are About to Hand Them? 2/7/2017
Core Principles for Housing and Health Care Policy: A Statement from the Technical Assistance Collaborative 1/10/2017
New Fee Available to Assist in Implementing a Homeless Preference 11/14/2016
State of the Nation's Housing Report Released 6/23/2016
NLIHC Releases Out of Reach 2016 6/7/2016
Pennsylvania Unveils Five-Year Affordable Housing Strategy 5/25/2016
National Housing Trust Fund State-by-State Allocation Announced 5/5/2016
New Report Details Affordability Challenges for Renters 12/16/2015
HUD Announces Final Rule Defining “Chronically Homeless” 12/4/2015
HUD Publishes Opening Doors Through Multifamily Housing: Toolkit for Implementing a Homeless Preference 11/20/2015
HUD Releases Guidance for PHAs & HUD-Assisted Housing Owners Regarding Use of Arrest Records in Housing Decisions 11/5/2015
HUD Publishes New NHTF Resources 6/24/2015
Creating New Integrated Permanent Supportive Housing Opportunities For ELI Households: A Vision for the Future of the National Housing Trust Fund 4/9/2015
HUD Releases 2015 Worse Case Housing Needs Report Executive Summary 2/19/2015
HUD Issues FAQ Regarding the Housing Trust Fund 2/17/2015
HUD Announces Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Interim Rule 2/2/2015
New NLIHC Report & Upcoming Webinar on Aligning Federal Low Income Housing Programs with Housing Need 12/23/2014
The National Housing Trust Fund is funded! 12/12/2014
New Report on Housing Credit Policies that Promote Supportive Housing 12/5/2014
HUD Issues Waiting List Guidance Notice 12/5/2014
CBPP Hosts Webinar on Use of Housing Vouchers: Trends, Local Data, & What’s at Stake in 2015 Funding Bill 11/17/2014
TAC Receives $1.7 million HUD Community Compass TA Award 10/24/2014
Check out TAC at the NCSHA 2014 Annual Conference! 10/16/2014
New Resource on Trauma Informed Community Building for Low-Income & Public Housing Residents 10/16/2014
Ann O’Hara to Present at NLIHC Special Research Briefing 9/19/2014
HUD Publishes FY 2015 Proposed Fair Market Rents 8/26/2014
HUD, HHS Share Data to Explore Housing & Health Relationship 6/16/2014
Kevin Martone Presents at NCCBH Annual Conference 5/8/2014
TAC Releases Report on State Funded Housing Assistance Programs 4/7/2014
NLIHC Releases Out of Reach 2014 3/25/2014
TAC to Present on State-funded Housing Assistance Programs to Promote Community Integration 3/17/2014
Psychiatric Services Publishes Article by TAC’s Kevin Martone Addressing Affordable Housing Crisis for People with Serious Mental Illness 3/3/2014
HUD Releases General Section to the FY14 NOFAs for Discretionary Programs 2/21/2014
HUD Announces Funding to Preserve Rental Assistance for Elderly 12/17/2013
TAC Receives $2 million HUD OneCPD Plus TA & Capacity Building Award 10/21/2013
HUD Releases Worst Case Housing Needs 2011 Report to Congress 8/22/2013
HUD Releases Guidance on Admissions Preferences 8/2/2013
NLIHC Files Lawsuit Against FHFA 7/10/2013
State of the Nation's Housing Report Released 7/2/2013
TAC Develops Briefs for HUD-HHS/CMS Housing Capacity Building Initiative 6/20/2013
HUD PIH Releases Guidance on Homeless Preferences 6/18/2013
Rent Reasonableness and FMR under ESG 6/11/2013
FY 2013 CDBG & HOME Budget Allocations 6/6/2013
TAC Releases Priced Out 2012 5/22/2013
Webinar on Developing Effective State-Local Partnerships to Promote Community Integration 5/1/2013
National Low Income Housing Coalition Releases ‘Out of Reach 2013’ 3/12/2013
National Low Income Housing Coalition Releases Report on Affordable Housing Shortage 2/28/2013
HUD Releases Worst Case Housing Needs 2011 Report 2/27/2013
Sequestration Expected to Impact Important Homeless, Housing & Service Programs 2/27/2013
HUD Selects 13 States for FY 2012 Section 811 PRA Demonstration 2/12/2013
HUD Issues Revised ‘Temporary’ Rent Exception Guidelines for People with Disabilities 1/29/2013
CBPP Posts National & State Housing Data Fact Sheets 1/2/2013
TAC Associate Director Ann O’Hara Selected to Receive Annual CCD Chairperson’s Award 12/17/2012
Successful MFP Transition Highlighted in Illinois 12/7/2012
NLIHC Launches National Housing Preservation Database 11/30/2012
TAC Staff Present at Annual Money Follows the Person (MFP) Project Directors Meeting 11/12/2012
TAC Associate Director Ann O’Hara Joins Panel of Experts to Discuss Integration of Housing & Health Policy 9/28/2012
HUD issues guidance for PHAs regarding wait list requirements 8/13/2012
HUD Issues Guidance to PHAs by Describing Actions They May Take to Assist Persons with Disabilities Transitioning from Institutions 6/29/2012
CMS issues info bulletin on 811 & Other Housing resources to support Olmstead implementation 6/25/2012
TAC Receives New Funding to Help Communities Address Homelessness 6/1/2012
HUD Releases Emergency Solutions Grant Program & Consolidated Plan Conforming Amendments Interim Rule 12/5/2011
HUD Announces FY10 & 11 Section 811 Awards 12/2/2011
Section 811 Program Update 9/22/2011
CMS Releases New Funding for Housing Partnerships 7/15/2011
TAC & CCD Release Study on Housing Affordability for People with Disabilities 6/20/2011
HUD NOFA for Housing for People with AIDS Released 6/16/2011
HUD Publishes Important Disability Notice 6/14/2011
TAC Remembers Colleague Bob Hohler 6/9/2011
HUD Publishes Notice to Amend FY2010 Section 811 NOFA 5/16/2011
HUD Publishes FY10 Section 811 NOFA 4/8/2011