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HUD Releases 2012 Point-in-Time Estimates of Homelessness

Monday, December 10, 2012

HUD's annual 'point-in-time' (PIT) estimate seeks to measure the scope of homelessness over the course of one night every January. Based on data reported by local communities on a single night in January 2012:

  • 633,782 people were homeless. This is largely unchanged (-0.4%) from January 2011, and represents a reduction of 5.7% since 2007. 62% of homeless persons are individuals while 38% are in families.
  • Veteran homelessness fell by 7.2% (4,876 persons) since January 2011 and by 17.2% since January 2009. On a single night in January 2012, 62,619 veterans were homeless.
  • Persons experiencing long-term or chronic homelessness declined 6.8% (7,254 persons) from 2011 and 19.3% (23,939 persons) since 2007. 
  • Homelessness among individuals declined 1.4% (5,457) from a year ago and 6.8% since 2007. Meanwhile, the number of homeless families increased slightly by 1.4 % from last year although family homelessness has declined 3.7% since 2007. 

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