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TAC has a staff of 29 highly qualified and multidisciplinary professionals with public and nonprofit sector experience. This includes administration and service delivery for people involved in mental health, substance use, developmental disabilities, child welfare, juvenile justice, homeless, and affordable housing systems.


  • Kevin Martone, L.S.W.

    Executive Director

  • Marie Herb, M.A.

    Managing Director

  • Ruthanne James

    Director of Business Operations

  • Aggie Douglas

    Assistant Director of Business Operations

  • Francine Arienti, M.A.

    Human Services Director

  • Lisa Sloane, M.P.A.

    Senior Policy Advisor

  • Sherry Lerch

    Senior Consultant

  • John O'Brien, M.S.

    Senior Consultant

  • James M. Yates, M.A.

    Senior Consultant

  • Kyia Watkins

    TA & Training Coordinator

  • Kim Wilder

    Federal Contracts Assistant

  • Ayana Dilday Gonzalez, M.A.

    Senior Associate

  • Lauren Knott, M.S.W.

    Senior Associate

  • Ashley Mann-McLellan, M.P.H.

    Senior Associate

  • Melany Mondello, M.B.A.

    Senior Associate

  • Rachel Post, L.C.S.W.

    Senior Associate

  • Tyler Sadwith

    Senior Associate

  • Gina Schaak

    Senior Associate

  • Elizabeth Stewart

    Senior Associate

  • Nicole LiBaire

    Senior Associate

  • Douglas Tetrault

    Senior Associate

  • Phillip Allen, M.A.


  • Ellen Fitzpatrick


  • Amy Horton


  • Jennifer Ingle, M.S.


  • Amanda Tobey, L.I.C.S.W.


  • Rachel Banderob

    Executive Assistant

  • Mayra Pabon

    Administrative Assistant

  • Sara Burke

    Communications Director