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TAC's Board of Directors serves in both governance and advisory roles, and is representative of the diversity and interests within TAC's mission. The Board provides policy guidance and strategic advice to support TAC's work with public and nonprofit sector organizations.

George Brice, Member
Program Development Specialist, Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey, Inc., Supportive Housing & Wellness
Freehold, New Jersey

Sheila Crowley, Chairperson
Former Executive Director, National Low Income Housing Coalition
Washington, DC

Sue Devlin, Member
Associate Executive Director, Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare
Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Aaron Gornstein, Member
President and CEO, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts

John Lozier, Member
Former Executive Director, National Health Care for the Homeless Council
Nashville, Tennessee

Anne Miskey, Member
CEO, Union Station Homeless Services
Los Angeles, California

John Parvensky, Member
President & CEO, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Denver, Colorado